About Wu Tong

    Wu Tong was established in 1979 and began Raschel lace manufacturing in Tainan, Taiwan. Nowadays, Wu Tong is already the one of the biggest lace manufacturers in the world and has a full compliment of modern machinery to produce various laces.
    Sincere & pragmatic attitude, satisfactory service, 100% efforts and absolutely beautiful & sophisticated products are our goal to step forward to the world stage.

Our main products

1.Raschel Lace
2.Jacquardtronic Lace
3.Jacquardtronic with Soft-Touch Lace
4.Textronic Lace
5.Textronic with Soft-Touch Lace

Company Evolution

1979 — Wu Tong Industrial Corporation was founded in 1979 in Tainan, Taiwan.
1988 — I Chen Textile Corporation was founded to manufacture laces.
1997 — Tong Cheng Tay Industrial Corporation was founded to be a dyeing factory for the consistent manufacturing.
1998 — Oeko-Tex standard 100 for finishing quality.
1999 — Best Partner of Lycra Soft of Invista.
2000 — Seamless factory “Rose Merry Knitting Co., Ltd.” was established.
2005 — Second production plant of Wu Tong and I Cheng was established to increase the productivity.
2006 — Testing Laboratory was founded with Bureau Veritas certification standard in order to maintain dyeing and finishing quality, and delivery validity.
2006 — Bought Business Right & Company Logo of “Guy Birkin (UK)”.


     Looking ahead into the future, we will keep satisfying the changeable demands from customers with offering latest, high quality lace products and with prompt service and up to date fashion information as well. Moreover, with our base in Taiwan, our utmost goal is to step forward to the world stage with our original principles - sincere attitude, satisfactory service and beautiful products, pragmatic attitude and 100% efforts.

Quality Assurance

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